Bubble Gum

Today after reading the word, a book on the anointing and then going outside with my dog to prune the bushes I was in my kitchen getting something to drink. All of a sudden I smelt that distinctively sweet smell of Bubble Gum and wondered where it could’ve possibly come from. No one else was around and I then realized that it was the Lord letting me smell something which I had not smelt in years. It brought me back to childhood and then the thought of what the Rose of Sharon might smell like for He is explained as being like the Rose of Sharon.
So I said to Him, “I love the sweet Bubble Gum of your Presence Lord”! A peaceful sweet aroma that is distinct and not copyable, for there are many who will attempt it but they will NEVER succeed.
Cheap imitations often get thrown away in the trash, for they ARE trash. No one else has laid their life down for us but Him and the suffering servant loves like no other. And when the Rubber meets the road there is NO friend like Him, for He sticks closer than a brother. A brother is born for adversity and has family blood running thru his veins, but Jesus is by far better and more superior to one’s own brother or family member since He knows us infinitely and understands us immeasurably and loves us unconditionally. He is in our corner and we need not ever have to explain ourselves to Him for He knows everything already!


Flipping the Switch

Love NEVER fails says 1 Corinthians 1:8 and God is Love so He can NOT fail!
And if any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. James 1:5

It occurred to me today that there is a realm of the Spirit that I have NOT entered into YET, but with God’s help and wisdom I will indeed ENTER into it!
It is a place where ALL the power of the enemy can NOT touch you and it is in the realm of the Spirit! And this is why the enemy is fighting you so hard, for he is absolutely quivering and totally THREATENED by it!
It’s the reason WHY we appear to be in a Cooker or burning in a HOT POT of sorts right now, for this is all heading to a Divine Orchestrated Climax!
Ask for God’s WISDOM to know how to flip on the switch for the Spirit of God lives right there within you and He is already available to you!


Absolutely Whomped on

Matthew 9:37-38 says, “The Harvest is plentiful but the workers are FEW. Ask the Lord of the Harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”
And look at what was said right before this; Jesus had COMPASSION on them, because they were HARASSED and HELPLESS, like sheep WITHOUT a Shepherd.
And I do remember those days of being harassed and helpless and without a Shepherd who CARED! And I still remember it even today after being a believer for over 36 years, for life without Christ or the love of the Father was like HELL on earth.
It occurred to me that I should not be on the enemy’s hit list for having reached out to people who do NOT know Christ, so I have prayed that He would send out other workers instead. I need to replace myself with 100 other servants in the area I live, because I am just so wrecked health-wise and cannot fulfill my position right now.
In addition I have very little prayer support and have been deceived into keeping away from those in the church due to listening to someone else constantly tell me that this person or that person have “an evil spirit” or are “not quite right” enough!

This stupidity has been going on for YEARS, and I am finally waking up to the fact that I have been isolated and deceived. Meanwhile the person who says that they have the gift of “discerning of spirits” has lots of friends which she complains about OFTEN.
This is frankly NOT the RIGHT use of the spiritual gift for it only drives a WEDGE between people in the Body of Christ. It does NOT create any UNITY but it only creates suspicion!
I would think the PROPER use of the gift would be to pray for people and intercede for them instead, and NOT to be blabbing everyone’s faults around here and there, but to be praying in one’s OWN prayer closet.
For WHO is actually PERFECT? NO ONE except our LORD!
And so we each have to give each other grace, patience and understanding and Christ’s type of Love otherwise we are really just doing HARM to ourselves! For we are ONE BODY! Besides we are to love one another like we love ourselves. And if we can’t love ourselves then we need God to show us HIS love for us personally for He IS LOVE!
As for gossiping, blabbing and backstabbing others we should have all just stopped it long before now. Taking a look in Proverbs one can see many warnings about folks who gossip and tale bare. I have blabbed earlier here but I am NOT going to be naming anyone but only using this as an example and wake up call.
So if we have some problem with someone take it to the Lord FIRST instead! Then you will have a listening ear and get some wisdom and an understanding heart on the matter. You’ll be better able to pray MORE effectively or maybe you’ll end up seeing your own faults too. One thing I know is that Jesus couldn’t stand a Hypocrite and so we need Him to show us if we are one ourselves. And believe me it only does us GOOD in the end to know if we are one, so we can ask forgiveness and change our ways for the Lord will only RESIST us until then.


Patient Endurance & Faithfulness

We are living in the last days and headed towards the “Last Hurrah!” and the Climax of the Ages. If you have NO clue as to what I’m talking about you can read the Chapters of Daniel 7 and Revelation 13-14 in the Bible.
I see my own humanity and frailty already because of what I have gone thru the last 2 years. I have suffered bodily for 23 years due to an illness of which I won’t get into here, but these past 2 years have been even WORSE and I have been tempted to just throw in the towel and give up! And God only knows how many times I’ve complained to Him about it all! (and some of it I’m just saddened by and ashamed of really, but I know that He CAN handle it and that I would’ve been DEAD a long time ago if it were NOT for Him!)

I now realize that the Beast is ALREADY busy upon this earth for there are a lot of folks willing to wag their boastful tongues into the camera for us all to see on our nightly News Hour. They are full of pride and hatred and deception, so it is plainly evident that the Beast is already here doing his thing and stirring up trouble, but the furnace is being slowly turned up and made ready for all those who are just down right evil even though they don’t know they are. (I’m in prayer over this for it just saddens me!)
It occurred to me last night that IF I had known ahead of time all that I would have to go thru on earth I would’ve been just like Jonah saying, “Oh no, I DON’T wish to go there, and I’ll just stay up here instead, for there is too much evil going on down there!”
We are entering into a time whereby we shall all need “Patient Endurance” and “Faithfulness” – see Revelation 13:17&10, so if we are already desiring to give up we have still more garbage to go thru, and who can endure or be faithful unless God Himself empowers us to be so!
And please don’t hide your head in the sand for it shall NOT do you any good or help you in the end, but be in prayer asking to receive from God what you need NOW.
For each of us knows what our own weaknesses are (for the devil is good at pointing them all out too) and so we need help from God to address those areas now instead of later.

And if we wait until later it shall be TOO LATE! Like the 10 Virgins-there were 5 who were READY and 5 who were NOT, so don’t allow yourself to be one of them for they lost out in the end!
Ask God to make you one of those wise virgins who are in sync with Him, for it will be God who will do that for us and NOT ourselves, because “Unless the Lord builds the house the laborers labor in VAIN!” Psalm 127:1,
See also some encouragement here Colossians 1:9-13, Hebrews 13:6-9 and by far there’s much more if you would be willing to humble yourself and crack open your Bible and read it.

And I’m sorry that I don’t have any funny or entertaining message for you today but one of warnings instead, because I’m NOT usually a serious person either! I just see the writing is now “on the wall” and I am just speaking out about it here.


Encouraging Word for The Day

Since I complained a lot yesterday I thought I had better post something which seems to me to be a response from the Lord to it. It is a Prophetic Word from Father’s Heart Ministries that is run by Prophets Russ & Kitty Walden in the US. Enjoy, for you may have been complaining yesterday too!

Sept 15, 2014
The Father says today be lifted up. Be lifted up in your spirits and be lifted up in your perspective. The illusions of doubt and fear and pictures that the enemy wants to paint before your eyes are not a snap shot of your future. I have already put down in My book of remembrance what I am going to do for you tomorrow and the next day and the next day. The answer is assured. The only thing that need be determined is the level of your participation in what I have made available to you.

Let this mind be in you says the Father. Allow My mind to slip into place over the natural mind that only sees problems and limitation. All things are possible to Me therefore all things are possible to you. Wake up says the Father. Shake yourself from the lethargy of seeming helplessness. You are not helpless neither are you left to your own devices. All of heaven is backing you this day and your steps are being vouchsafed by the angels in heaven assigned to your life.


Dumb Problems

I have been taught over the past few years that left to myself I am only a “Dumb Dumb!” It’s the carnal mind and the flesh that seeks to rule and figure out things, but what happens when there are NO real answers forthcoming???
Sheer levels of frustration mount up to overwhelming heights, and what can one do about it? NOT much!
Place yourself in a house that is HUGE with a wrecked body and over 50 yrs. of stuff from a family that has lived there that many years. Add to that a huge garden with lots of overgrown bushes, weeds, lots of grass to cut and a huge fish pond with wild animals such as racoons, squirrels and birds coming by for food of any kind.
Added to that you have a cat and a dog that are doing their toilet inside your house at times, and then lights that keep on going out and 2 toilets that are often malfunctioning!
You then have your own stuff on top of it all and wonder how you are ever going to get out of the place to sell it. Add to that you are responsible for being an Executor of this estate and you must deal with two siblings that don’t want to help you at all nor talk to you in a normal manner either.
Add to that you have a friend who will come over and sometimes cut your grass but not always and who likes to eat at your place but doesn’t clean up after himself. Your other friend won’t lift a finger but thinks that you’ll be able to work it all out by yourself, meanwhile you have gut pain due to bowel problems, neurological numbness of your left leg and partly your hands and have a growing cyst on your ovary now 4″ large. You also wake up in the middle of the night with either legs cramps or just for no reason at all!
You then decide to watch some Christians TV shows to see if you can be encouraged and then you see that many ministries are just showing more poverty, illness and evil and they are all going over to evangelize and help someone else somewhere else! WHEN tell me are we EVER going to reach out to own towns and cities to evangelize THEM and tell THEM the good news about Jesus Christ??? No wonder the young guys in the West are going out to join terrorist organizations! Even though I see a whole host of problems before me and am experiencing them daily the disgusting FAILURE of Christian Ministries makes me VERY ANGRY!