August 28, 2014

Yesterday I sat on my couch wondering if I should go to the Elias Meetings in Maple Ridge or not for the friend who had so irritated me with her gossip and supposed gift of Discernment would be there. I was not going to go because of it, but then I realized that it was the enemy’s ploy to keep me from going, so I got up and went regardless. I had been struggling to forgive her for before one of the meetings I had told her how awfully messy the house was and how the pets had made messes too etc. and she had glibly said in response to it all, “Oh well I’m sure you’ll figure it all out!” and then had turned and gone into the meeting whilst I stood there aghast at what had just been said to me.

If my friend has a so called gift of Discernment then she should’ve known that I was sharing how horrible things have been for me. I find that whenever someone at the meetings would show me some kind of attention or kindness that she would quickly tell me that there was something spiritually wrong with them! I can not understand how that could possibly be true of everyone who has ever shown me any kindness or attention! And better yet I shall need to tell her, “Be Quiet, and to pray instead!” and then I might add, “Well WHO is it that is ever completely right amongst us? Answer= No One!

As for my friend telling me about others who have given her problems – I don’t know WHY she does that(?) Can’t she be praying for them instead? And what am I to do about them? Nothing I don’t think for I wasn’t upset by them nor do I therefore have any burden for them. I have found one thing to be true is that God answers prayers that are truly heart felt!  Proverbs 11:12-13 and Proverbs 10:19 and Proverbs 8:6-8 all speak out against gossip. So my friend has a flapping uncontrolled mouth and possibly a Discernment gift which she is improperly using for she does not follow it up with warfare or prayer. It is a tale bearing divisional thing which is being expressed and I can’t stand it anymore, for why should I know everyone else’s sins, faults or evil spirits! I also found a Website on Prosperity and how one’s prosperity is hindered if they gossip. See here for it; http://www.growingprosperitycom

I shared my problem with the Lord and found that the words that were said to me of “Well I’m sure you’ll figure it all out!” Is either from an extremely callous & hard heart or a profound prophetic utterance! I’ve prayed and given my complaints over to the Lord with regards to all these issues so we shall see what the Lord does about it all.



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