August 28 Taking out the Trash

I find it best to take out all spiritual trash with the Lord, so I take a Divine Garbage Bag and then I put all my worries, complaints and miffs into it by telling the Lord in prayer and then end with wrapping it up with a red twist tie (the blood) and then give it over to the Lord for Him to carry it away for me. I then dust my hands off and it’s over with! GOOD BYE!  Of course the enemy will try to dig up such crap but I can put him down with my will and an additional prayer to the Lord too.

I’m finding that the longer I go on here that there’s pitfalls and attacks which the devil is purposefully putting in front of me to try to throw me off course and I have to just throw all of them aside and go on!

I figure he knows something that I don’t yet know for he’s looked in a book somewhere and sees the future and is scared. Well let him be scared and run away right now in Jesus name! I bind all of his assignments against me in Jesus name!


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