Still in a State of Shock

It’s been several hours now but I’m STILL in a state of shock! I keep saying to myself, “I can’t believe it!”
Whenever I need to get groceries I have to psyche myself up for it, and so today I did that and took my little dog with me for I know she likes a car ride and I have felt SO badly that she is not really having the life that she could be! I wanted to make this day somehow special for her, so I took her with me.
Since it’s still hot out I got in the car after airing it out and then put the air conditioning on full blast! Because my left leg is so useless I had to stop using my standard vehicle and got a 2nd hand automatic one with air conditioning!
I have a walking stick with me and then use a shopping cart so I don’t fall on my face in front of everyone.
I managed to get my groceries and then came home. As I was getting the bags from my car an older couple were walking down the street and my dog started barking at them. I told her “not to be so anti-social”, but then she calmed down when they met and patted her.
I chatted with the couple and as I was reaching for my groceries that were laying on the grass the lady asked me if I needed any help with them! I said yes and then the lady started taking them up the stairs to my home and the man quickly took them from her and placed them at my front door!
I thanked them profusely for their KINDNESS, for I DID NOT EVEN KNOW THEM! They don’t live on my street but live a few blocks away!
I’m still in A STATE OF SHOCK for although I have neighbors around me they have NEVER helped me! It’s not that they don’t see me struggling with groceries either. A neighbor across the street has 3 teenagers and their 2 boys are sweet and smile at me, but they are absolutely USELESS when it comes to helping anyone!
I have said many times to myself that “I could fall down and DIE in the yard and no one would EVER bother to do anything UNTIL my body started to rot and stink up the neighborhood!”

Tis a crazy life I’m living and many times I have told the Lord to “Just be done with it and to take me home!” I’d like my cat and dog to come with me at the same time though! For who could leave them to someone else to look after?!


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