The Church

Sept 7, 2014
I just listened to a Pastor on TV speak on the importance of Church whilst I nodded a polite “No!” to most of what he was saying!
Sadly I couldn’t help it, for the Church has turned into a “One Man Show” whereby all the parts of the body just fill the seats and watch the Pastor do all of the work.
I have known the Lord since 1975 and I’m STILL waiting for a truly ANOINTED and COURAGEOUS man of God to pray over me and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to me HOW He would like to use me in His Body!

Should not the proper working of the church be one whereby the Pastor is anointed to teach the word for a period of time and then afterwards become

    A Conductor of a Spiritual Orchestra

in which all the rest of the parts do the work?

How will we ever become the true Sons of God if we have NO clue as to Spiritual gifts and the PROPER FUNCTIONING of them? I know someone who uses what they call “their gift of discernment” as a means of exposing everyone’s faults and driving A WEDGE between people in the Body! It has been revealed to me recently that whenever someone shows me any attention she will quickly tell me that “they have an evil spirit of some sort” and that “they are not quite right!” As a result I have had few friends in the Body of Christ for I’ve been AN IDIOT and have listened to her in the past!

Only time spent in God’ Presence at Revival meetings helped to reveal the problem to me, for God just does NOT expose people but His love seeks to COVER them instead! I have asked myself, “Should she not be PRAYING for people who may have problems instead of talking so much about them behind their backs?” And I have felt quite deceived after reading about Gossip in Proverbs and how one should AVOID a Gossiper!

These days I’m realizing the importance of finding out HOW the Holy Spirit would like to use each of us, but we need to be motivated by GOD’S LOVE above all else otherwise we will only end up HURTING each other! And WHY should the Holy Spirit give us any gift if we do that??

As a result of my time spent in Revival I am now looking for a church that trains people to hear God and that fosters the proper use of Spiritual Gifts, for I have sat for far TOO LONG just warming a pew!

How will we EVER GROW UP in the things of God if we don’t use what He has given us?
And it is a lie of the devil to tell folks that the anointing flows from the top down, for that was only true in the OLD TESTAMENT. Now under the NEW COVENANT we have the Holy Spirit that was given to each of us after Jesus went to the Father, and we are now referred to as “kings and priests unto our God” (Rev 5:10). Do a word study in the scriptures and you will find many scriptures to back up what I’m saying here, but if you can’t find them then let me know and I’ll give you a bunch!
All I’m trying to say here is that Jesus DIDN’T just die for me to constantly warm a seat in church! I need to be a FULLY functioning part of His body! And if I’m off base in what I’m saying here then God truly knows HOW TO CORRECT ME!


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