Lessons & Reins

I have spoken about others in my posts before, but I DO CHOOSE to FORGIVE THEM ALL in Jesus Name!
Although I have seen and experienced the faults of others I have some of MY OWN faults as well, and who am I to judge anyone else, for I DON’T fully KNOW others like the Lord does!
I pray these days that my friends would each learn whatever lessons they should have from the one who KNOWS BEST, and that I also learn the lessons that I must learn as well!
I also pray that I would have “the Holy Ghost reins in my life” to PREVENT ME from becoming a fleshly idiot that is NOT motivated by the Spirit of God! I feel the fear of God for if God is allowing the utter bulldozing of my life right now, and I can very much assure you that it is NOT PLEASANT AT ALL He will stop at NOTHING to make us what He wants us to be! I do not want to wind up becoming a type of Saul either nor to displease Him in any way.
So the praying continues for Lessons and Reins!


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