Parable of The Ten Virgins

I experienced a dream on Sept 5 of this month and had a Blond haired lady at a desk with a paper and pen tell me very plainly, “It will happen on the 24th to the 26th of THIS MONTH!” I then awoke and wondered what that could mean, so I decided to look on my Calendar to see if there were any clues and was very surprised to see that it will be Rosh Hashanah which is also called “The Feast of Trumpets”.
I then decided to look into what the Feast of Trumpets meant on the web and came across this very interesting post here;

Not sure still on the full ramifications of the particular Feast called “Trumpets”, but during some Revival meetings a few weeks ago I was told by the Holy Spirit that it was VERY IMPORTANT to be one of those 5 wise Virgins instead of one of the 5 out of oil ones, for the latter lost out and missed the Bridegroom when He came.

I feel it to be important to maintain a dialogue with the Lord each day and/or night no matter what is happening. I could be mad, happy, sad, disappointed or whatever, but I needed to keep on talking to Him. Too much talk can be a negative thing when with others, but I don’t believe it’s that way with the Lord. At least He will give His feedback and be able to help out if He so desires!


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