Bubble Gum

Today after reading the word, a book on the anointing and then going outside with my dog to prune the bushes I was in my kitchen getting something to drink. All of a sudden I smelt that distinctively sweet smell of Bubble Gum and wondered where it could’ve possibly come from. No one else was around and I then realized that it was the Lord letting me smell something which I had not smelt in years. It brought me back to childhood and then the thought of what the Rose of Sharon might smell like for He is explained as being like the Rose of Sharon.
So I said to Him, “I love the sweet Bubble Gum of your Presence Lord”! A peaceful sweet aroma that is distinct and not copyable, for there are many who will attempt it but they will NEVER succeed.
Cheap imitations often get thrown away in the trash, for they ARE trash. No one else has laid their life down for us but Him and the suffering servant loves like no other. And when the Rubber meets the road there is NO friend like Him, for He sticks closer than a brother. A brother is born for adversity and has family blood running thru his veins, but Jesus is by far better and more superior to one’s own brother or family member since He knows us infinitely and understands us immeasurably and loves us unconditionally. He is in our corner and we need not ever have to explain ourselves to Him for He knows everything already!