Absolutely Whomped on

Matthew 9:37-38 says, “The Harvest is plentiful but the workers are FEW. Ask the Lord of the Harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”
And look at what was said right before this; Jesus had COMPASSION on them, because they were HARASSED and HELPLESS, like sheep WITHOUT a Shepherd.
And I do remember those days of being harassed and helpless and without a Shepherd who CARED! And I still remember it even today after being a believer for over 36 years, for life without Christ or the love of the Father was like HELL on earth.
It occurred to me that I should not be on the enemy’s hit list for having reached out to people who do NOT know Christ, so I have prayed that He would send out other workers instead. I need to replace myself with 100 other servants in the area I live, because I am just so wrecked health-wise and cannot fulfill my position right now.
In addition I have very little prayer support and have been deceived into keeping away from those in the church due to listening to someone else constantly tell me that this person or that person have “an evil spirit” or are “not quite right” enough!

This stupidity has been going on for YEARS, and I am finally waking up to the fact that I have been isolated and deceived. Meanwhile the person who says that they have the gift of “discerning of spirits” has lots of friends which she complains about OFTEN.
This is frankly NOT the RIGHT use of the spiritual gift for it only drives a WEDGE between people in the Body of Christ. It does NOT create any UNITY but it only creates suspicion!
I would think the PROPER use of the gift would be to pray for people and intercede for them instead, and NOT to be blabbing everyone’s faults around here and there, but to be praying in one’s OWN prayer closet.
For WHO is actually PERFECT? NO ONE except our LORD!
And so we each have to give each other grace, patience and understanding and Christ’s type of Love otherwise we are really just doing HARM to ourselves! For we are ONE BODY! Besides we are to love one another like we love ourselves. And if we can’t love ourselves then we need God to show us HIS love for us personally for He IS LOVE!
As for gossiping, blabbing and backstabbing others we should have all just stopped it long before now. Taking a look in Proverbs one can see many warnings about folks who gossip and tale bare. I have blabbed earlier here but I am NOT going to be naming anyone but only using this as an example and wake up call.
So if we have some problem with someone take it to the Lord FIRST instead! Then you will have a listening ear and get some wisdom and an understanding heart on the matter. You’ll be better able to pray MORE effectively or maybe you’ll end up seeing your own faults too. One thing I know is that Jesus couldn’t stand a Hypocrite and so we need Him to show us if we are one ourselves. And believe me it only does us GOOD in the end to know if we are one, so we can ask forgiveness and change our ways for the Lord will only RESIST us until then.


Encouraging Word for The Day

Since I complained a lot yesterday I thought I had better post something which seems to me to be a response from the Lord to it. It is a Prophetic Word from Father’s Heart Ministries that is run by Prophets Russ & Kitty Walden in the US. Enjoy, for you may have been complaining yesterday too!

Sept 15, 2014
The Father says today be lifted up. Be lifted up in your spirits and be lifted up in your perspective. The illusions of doubt and fear and pictures that the enemy wants to paint before your eyes are not a snap shot of your future. I have already put down in My book of remembrance what I am going to do for you tomorrow and the next day and the next day. The answer is assured. The only thing that need be determined is the level of your participation in what I have made available to you.

Let this mind be in you says the Father. Allow My mind to slip into place over the natural mind that only sees problems and limitation. All things are possible to Me therefore all things are possible to you. Wake up says the Father. Shake yourself from the lethargy of seeming helplessness. You are not helpless neither are you left to your own devices. All of heaven is backing you this day and your steps are being vouchsafed by the angels in heaven assigned to your life.


Destined For Greatness

I thought I would share this Word of Encouragement/Prophecy I receive each week from Restorationplaceministries.com;

I take great delight in you My friend. I have created you for a role that no other creature has been chosen for. A role that ascends the material value of the universe. The creation itself longs for the manifestation of the Sons and Daughters of God and I long for this also. I have placed within you the optimum guarantee of this greatness by placing My Holy Spirit within you. The coin cannot boast in its value as if it alone determined that value. In like manner you cannot suppose to boast out of self worth but only in the value I place on you, for I love you with immense passion. You are My workmanship and your destiny will be completed. I Am inviting you to rise into your destiny, purpose and role by embracing My Presence. Surrender your will, desires and journey to Me. I created you for greatness that is found only in Me.

I Am shaking the heavens and the earth. The wicked and violent spirits that operate in the earth are being defeated, for My justice is coming upon them. Keep your thoughts centered upon Me and My peace will keep you perfectly. I Am breaking off the confinements that have oppressed you. I Am establishing My Kingdom over and around you. You will see victory in every arena of conflict, for I Am with you. I will cause you to prevail. Stand firm in your faith and contend for the promises. You will receive break through this month in so many areas of your life. My anointing is destroying those things that are against you. You will see the demonstrations of My love for you. New doors are being opened before you. Ample opportunities for advancement will come before you. Walk straight forward for My Spirit will direct you, strengthen you and prosper you. You will spread out like a vine that thrives in this fruit bearing season. Yes, My love will be demonstrated to you in very tangible ways.

Additional Words of Knowledge for those reading:

A man with a pancreatic condition is being healed. Receive this healing from the Lord now. This infirmity is leaving you as the Lord restores your health.

The Lord is healing back conditions. Stand up and begin to slowly stretch your muscles out. The healing power of the Lord is flowing through you now.

Sinus conditions are being healed.

Stomach conditions are being healed…. including some form of blockage in the digestive tract.

Hernia conditions are also being healed by the Lord. Torn muscles surrounding those hernias are being completely healed as His power flows through you.

Angelic activity is increasing around many. You have sensed this. Their ministry activity will increase in the coming weeks as they establish a new atmosphere of the Kingdom of God around you.

Someone in ministry is receiving a double portion of God’s favor in your finances as the Lord moves you forward into better days.

Someone else is also receiving a financial turn around as the Lord opens up new revenue sources for you. His faithfulness will carry you forward.

A young man reading this is being called into God given supernatural revelation. Take time to be alone with the Lord regularly and the Lord will sensitize you to His realm.

A generational curse that oppressed vision, destiny and purpose is being removed from someone reading this. As the Lord removes this fog of confusion, you will from this day forward receive clarity of vision, purpose and destiny in every area of your life. God is restoring you.