Bubble Gum

Today after reading the word, a book on the anointing and then going outside with my dog to prune the bushes I was in my kitchen getting something to drink. All of a sudden I smelt that distinctively sweet smell of Bubble Gum and wondered where it could’ve possibly come from. No one else was around and I then realized that it was the Lord letting me smell something which I had not smelt in years. It brought me back to childhood and then the thought of what the Rose of Sharon might smell like for He is explained as being like the Rose of Sharon.
So I said to Him, “I love the sweet Bubble Gum of your Presence Lord”! A peaceful sweet aroma that is distinct and not copyable, for there are many who will attempt it but they will NEVER succeed.
Cheap imitations often get thrown away in the trash, for they ARE trash. No one else has laid their life down for us but Him and the suffering servant loves like no other. And when the Rubber meets the road there is NO friend like Him, for He sticks closer than a brother. A brother is born for adversity and has family blood running thru his veins, but Jesus is by far better and more superior to one’s own brother or family member since He knows us infinitely and understands us immeasurably and loves us unconditionally. He is in our corner and we need not ever have to explain ourselves to Him for He knows everything already!


Disgusting Cruelty verses The Love of God

September 7, 2014

Today I looked in my emails and found this https://snt146.mail.live.com/?tid=cm7c-zI7s15BGDVAAhWtnfgA2&fid=fljunk
and wondered how people could be so disgustingly cruel. That poor animal looking at the camera has an expression of sad desperation as if to say, “Please help me escape back to the wild where I once lived a carefree life and didn’t have to go through all of this horror!!!” It reminds me of those horrible death camps called Auschwitz where untold cruelty was allowed to go on unchecked day after day and year after year!
I then imagined myself having enough money to fly to Quebec and healthy physical ability that I would sneak over there at night and let them all go free to escape back to the wild.
It grieves me no end as to how cruel & wicked man has become and can become. I usually have to turn over the channel when I’m watching tv for the sights and sounds of suffering get me so upset! I find that sometimes I end up praying heart felt Mad and Angry prayers just so that wrongs may be righted and that evil people will just be dispatched to the next world!
I found the other week praying that every single Isis fighter would be wiped off the face of this earth, for who chops kids in half and enslaves women into prostitution? Certainly those who know NOTHING about the true God and who own very screwed up hearts and minds. The sad thing is they think they are RIGHT! No wonder Jesus has to appear to some of them so they can finally realize the truth and repent, for who is ever going to evangelize these people? Not many!
Wearing a Burka over one’s head is just not for me either, for if God wanted women to do that He would’ve stuck that over Eve’s head when she came out of Adam’s side! Imagine wearing one of those silly things and trying to do your shopping at the grocery store?! How would you ever see anything properly thru all that silly mesh? And they call that true freedom? What a load of BS that is!
I once saw a woman wearing one of those in a major park here during the height of summer and her kids were wearing shorts and t-shirts and so was her husband too, but she was stuck under one of those hot sheets! Remember that whenever you are trying to sleep and it’s so hot out that you just want to throw those sheets off your body for that is HOW one of those women feel. So if you want to join such madness be prepared for such idiocy and a resultant mind that is brain washed by hateful, evil and wrong thoughts. You’ll have to throw away your tv and all your electronic gadgets too and run from place to place with a gun in your hands. No steaks for you, nor any food that you are used to either. It will probably be Camel, donkey, snake or rat or some other thing. It is certainly not the kind of life that Jesus died for us to have! Did He not say, “I give them life and life more abundantly!?”
I tell you the devil is running around on earth trying to deceive as many as he can in the smallest amount of time that he has left. He is on a stepped UP war path right now, so don’t fall for his lies or stupidity, for he will be put into hell with all his little helpers and he will be utterly destroyed without remedy one day. And we don’t have to go there with him if we don’t want to either! Whilst he burns into oblivion we shall be able to finally brush the evil off us and rejoice for the God of love will have many wonderful surprises waiting for us.
We will no longer have to contend with any evil in all its various forms! God will then make all things new and restore our lives and we shall live in a constant state of pure unadulterated love! Can you imagine a place where UNCONDITIONAL LOVE RULES ALL THE TIME and is the compelling force in all that is done? And that love will saturate EVERY PART of your being and wipe away EVERY tear and horrible memory too! We shall FULLY EXPERIENCE that GOD IS LOVE then and it WILL CERTAINLY NOT be A MEANINGLESS CONCEPT within one’s own mind! You will be FOREVER CHANGED because of it! For man does NOT yet fully KNOW God’s love for it is so pure, endless and totally unselfish!