Encouraging Word for The Day

Since I complained a lot yesterday I thought I had better post something which seems to me to be a response from the Lord to it. It is a Prophetic Word from Father’s Heart Ministries that is run by Prophets Russ & Kitty Walden in the US. Enjoy, for you may have been complaining yesterday too!

Sept 15, 2014
The Father says today be lifted up. Be lifted up in your spirits and be lifted up in your perspective. The illusions of doubt and fear and pictures that the enemy wants to paint before your eyes are not a snap shot of your future. I have already put down in My book of remembrance what I am going to do for you tomorrow and the next day and the next day. The answer is assured. The only thing that need be determined is the level of your participation in what I have made available to you.

Let this mind be in you says the Father. Allow My mind to slip into place over the natural mind that only sees problems and limitation. All things are possible to Me therefore all things are possible to you. Wake up says the Father. Shake yourself from the lethargy of seeming helplessness. You are not helpless neither are you left to your own devices. All of heaven is backing you this day and your steps are being vouchsafed by the angels in heaven assigned to your life.


Vision may be jelling

Well now having read an article on “Shallow Shepherds and Wandering Saints” here at http://rodandjulie.com/shallow-shepherds-wandering-saints/   and then seeing the Prophetic Word given

by Russ here at http://www.fathersheartministry.net/father-says-today-september-6th-2014/   and then knowing my own helpless and silly physical conditions and wasting a whole summer in my mind I am very much wondering what God has up His sleeve!

I turned the first article of Ezekiel 34 into a prayer for I see the same problems here in North Vancouver and most likely in Vancouver also. We are all nodding off into a spiritual sleep if you ask me, and after having been at those Revival Meetings with Elias out in Maple Ridge I am yearning for more revelations and encounters with God! But how are those encounters to be made available where I live and why is it that they are always way out somewhere else and that one has to drive so far away to get to them?

There is definitely something WRONG where I live! So I prayed that the Pastors here would get to know about Elias and be willing for him to go to their church and for God to touch their people, for who in their right minds would not wish it so???

I have felt pretty much mowed under this WHOLE summer and have had to stay home and out of the sun for I can hardly get around and there is NO help coming from the Doctors I’ve seen either. I wanted someone with a knife to cut me open and just deal with the innards, and I don’t really care if I die either for heaven looks a whole lot prettier right now! And soon if NO one helps I shall just puncture myself and then see what happens as a result!

Had a dream Sept 5, 2014 whereby a blonde haired lady with a pen pointed to a paper on a yellowish table said to me, “It will happen Sept 24 to the 26th of this month!” I then woke up and decided to look on the Calendar to find out what was happening then just in case there was something written there. To my shock it is “Rosh Hashanah” and I’m still trying to figure out what the significance of that Jewish Holiday means to me?!

And I just told the Lord outside that if He just can’t do anything for me in the way of healing then I shall not be doing anything either for Him. Basically He will allow anything to come into your life for His own means so you had better be ready for it! All I know is that He loved me enough to die for me, but the rest of life could be hell on earth! He will allow it for He IS God Almighty! So let’s get real here, for He does have all power and He could do something if He wanted to, but He hasn’t so far. I have been tempted to go to Afghanistan and preach the Gospel just so I can get some nut there to lop off my head and KILL me, for they would be doing me no end of GOOD!